Lucy (Heartfilia). Celestial mage. Fairy Tail.

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Status: In a relationship withGray Fullbuster
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"I really missed this place!"

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Out of Muse and Mun, which one:

1: is the most stubborn
2: is the most practical
3: has the shortest temper
4: has the wittiest tongue
5: gets more romantic attention
6: gets in more fights
7: is the most hygienic
8: is the most friendly
9: is taller
10: weighs more
11: is the better singer
12: is the better dancer
13: is more Renegade
14: has the most self-confidence
15: is the biggest liar
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-eats a sandwich-

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ririshi ASKED: [text]: Do you have to text me at three in the morning?


-Lucy was totally drunk- “Where is the reply thing? OOOH is here”


[text] - Ne ne Erza com here tu mi house, the night iz a kid so lets celebrat gihee x3


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honooryuu ASKED: [text]: Haha, no. I’m not giving it back


"Baka Natsu, he knows I can’t sleep without my plush!"


[text]: Ne ne, Natsu why are you doing this? Let’s make a thing then, you can sleep in my house, and for that happened you will give to me my plush ok? xoxo 


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