"Finally I can rest!"

Reblog if your muse has no date for Tumblr Prom.

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Come Tell ME what you think of how I RP MY muse, I can only publish.

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L U C Y  H E A R T F I L I A ✿ 

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F A I R Y T A I L 

Series 2  Manga → Anime 2/?

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"That’s it, I decided to pick a mission!"

__ Anonymous said: ahh I think shoting star from owl city is perfect for lucy (or lucy x loke shhhh) AND YES YOU ARE. LUCYYYY LET ME TOUCH YOUR WATERMELONSSSSS


"you are a mean anon, really mean!"

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__ askmeaboutmy--babies said: "Cosplay girl~!" [/licks~~~] ((oops.))


"Cosplay w—-?"



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__ Anonymous said: mun is awesome but I dislike the music , muse is a crybaby with big boobies ♥ my favourite type of girl



"I’m not a crybaby… And don’t talk abou my boobs"

outofkeys: Sorry about the music, but for me it really fits with Lucy ^^ And I’m not awesome >.>

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